AI: A Valuable Addition to Your Pre-Sales Arsenal

Many of us are familiar with the character Tony Stark from Marvel’s Ironman movies who is assisted by J.A.R.V.I.S. in solving complex problems and managing everyday tasks. As I observe the recent advancements in AI, I am curious about how AI can assist me too. I dream of having a personal assistant like J.A.R.V.I.S. and wonder what other AI-powered solutions are available to simplify the lives of pre-sales engineers. Let’s explore these possibilities together.


When you’re prospecting, using AI as a research assistant can be incredibly helpful. With AI, you can access valuable information about a company’s products, product reviews, and even a list of executives, all without having to visit multiple websites. Additionally, AI can assist you in identifying industry terms or names used by companies like XYZ to refer to their customers, such as members, cast, customers, patients, and more. Google Bard and Microsoft Bing are both highly accurate tools that can be used for this purpose.


Did you know that AI tools can help you create amazing presentations and improve your speaking skills? There are several options available, like Tame, Beautiful.ia, and Slidesgo. But, have you heard of ChatGPT? It offers a slide-by-slide outline with talking points for PowerPoint presentations. You can also use built-in AI tools like Slide Designer in PowerPoint to create visually stunning slides. To take your presentation to the next level, check out Canva and Adobe Express, which offer free and premium tiers of AI-powered slide creation and photo generation.

Did you know that you can use AI to enhance your public speaking skills? Microsoft PowerPoint has a “Rehearse with Coach” feature that is completely free and can assist you with this. All you need to do is create slides with your talking points, rehearse with the coach, and receive feedback on your pace, filler words, repetitive language, pitch, and total time. During your presentation, an AI coach will guide you and provide advice such as to stop reading the slide, speed up, etc. Another useful AI tool is Speeko, which is available on iOS and Android. They offer applications that focus on improving your speaking abilities. With these resources, you can take your speaking skills to the next level.


When sending a follow-up email to a client, Microsoft Bing can be a helpful tool. Simply click on the Bing icon and select “compose.” Then, provide a prompt and Bing will generate an email for you. After copying it to your preferred email software, personalize it and send it off.

If you’re looking for a tool to improve your writing skills, Grammarly ( is a great option. It’s available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, and you can even add browser extensions. The new AI feature, Grammarly Go, is particularly impressive as it can significantly enhance your writing. Simply start writing an email or document, select the text, and click the pencil icon to let Grammarly fix all your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure issues. One of the most useful features is the “shorten” command in Grammarly Go, which can transform lengthy sentences into concise and impactful ones. Additionally, you can adjust the formality and tone of your writing with Grammarly’s settings.

Demonstrations & Recording

One helpful tip for improving your live demos is to transcribe them into a Word document using the text-to-speech feature. Once you’ve done that, review the transcript and identify areas where you could improve your message. Then, try using ChatGPT to get feedback on how to simplify your language and remove jargon. You may be surprised by the helpful insights AI can provide! Personally, I’ve used this strategy to cut down my explanation time by two minutes, which is a significant improvement. If ChatGPT isn’t your thing, you could also try using Google Bard or Microsoft to streamline your demo and make it more concise. Imagine being able to cut down your demonstration time from 45 minutes to only 20-30 minutes by using AI tools!

Additionally, there exist AI-powered bots that can write scripts, another bot that can provide voice-over using your voice, and a third bot that can create animated videos of your demos. These tools can be utilized for creating introductory demos or for automating demos on your company’s website.

The Future

AI technology is rapidly advancing and will soon assist presales engineers in improving their skills, enhancing communication, and providing precise answers. The possibilities with AI are endless. Imagine no longer having to worry about responding to RFIs and RFPs. However, it’s important to remember that human interaction is still necessary, as people prefer to buy from humans. AI can save time and facilitate more impactful pre-sales conversations with customers in real life.

Are you ready to take advantage of AI’s remarkable potential and transform how you work? This post lists several AI tools worth exploring, and you’ll be amazed at the positive impact they can have on your life. By embracing the future of assistance and harnessing AI’s capabilities, you can elevate your productivity and efficiency to new heights! Have you experimented with any AI tools?

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